One Amazing Pillow for Your Family

One Amazing Pillow for Your Family

Back in 2010, I launched a very special support pillow that helped me, my babies and a lot of moms and their babies around the world – The Butterfly Pillow.

1The idea started when in one visit to my OB gyne in Singapore, I saw the bobbing head of a baby girl in her stroller. She had a u-shaped pillow that didn’t provide enough support for her frail head and neck. I thought, I needed to develop something that would provide able support for babies who are on the move. But then the idea became much more after research and development time with my husband who is a Visual Artist and product designer and another Mom colleague from the USA who made travel pillows.

This pillow as we worked on it and tested it evolved to become a multi-use, chiropractic-inspired support pillow for infant to adult. During pregnancy, a mom can use this pillow to alleviate neck strain and lower back ache during car and airplane travel not to mention while working in the office.

For newborns, it can be used in the prevention of flat-head syndrome when used as a head positioning device during supervised naps.

Carry this compact pillow along for breastfeeding or simply reading to baby anytime, anywhere.

My favorite of all is tummy time! As early as 2-3 months depending on your baby’s strength, you can use The Butterfly Pillow for tummy time exercises to strengthen your baby’s neck and back in preparation for crawling. Just 15 minutes of natural baby push-ups each day makes a big difference in your baby’s physical development.

It can also be used to support and keep babies snug and safe during diaper change.

And this is what it was originally made for – travel and stroller rides. The Butterfly Pillow provides complete head and neck support when your baby is in motion. Even for adults, you will see the difference in support and comfort The Butterfly Pillow has over the u-shaped travel pillow and you’ll definitely rest better during car or air travel.

For toddlers, it can already be used as a sleep pillow and especially useful during times when they have cough and cold and they need to have extra support to breathe better.

Lastly, the Butterfly Pillow is for you and me. Those of us who work with a laptop can attest that a laptop isn’t supposed to be on the lap given the heat it emits. The Butterfly Pillow provides good support to stabilize your laptop and protect your skin at the same time while you work or surf the net. It also comes in handy when you doze off. Just place it snugly behind your head and neck and off we go to wonderland.

Check out our amazing Butterfly Pillow here and choose from our adorable 100% cotton designer prints paired with the softest dimple dot minky.
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