Magic Unicorn


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Little Magic Unicorn loves giving gifts and sharing her favorite sweets with her little animal friends in their secret, enchanted patch in the forest.

She is a whimsical and bright, magical friend with a head full of soft fluffy light pink hair, cool lilac eyes, soft pink cheeks, and a huggable minky body. Little Magic Unicorn wears a beautiful pink dress with pearl buttons and a cool cape. She is hand-crafted with love and sprinkled with fairy dusts and designed for our little Spinkie girls’ magical adventures.

Key Features

-Gold alicorn made of Vegan Charmeuse Silk
-Fluffy hair made of premium Soft Tulle
-Off White Minky body
-Shiny Vegan Textured Satin hair, embroidered Lilac eyes and a cool Pink blush
-Premium Soft Tulle dress with an adorable cape and dainty bow and pearl button details
-Hand-crafted with love
-Approximately 12″ tall


Vegan Soft Tulle
Vegan Minky
Vegan Textured Satin
Vegan Jersey Spandex
Vegan Charmeuse Silk

Care Instructions

Spot clean only