Solana’s Magical Room Makeover

There is no better time than now that allows us to focus on family, health and home improvement. Looking at your current spaces, what could you do to improve its functionality and more importantly, the positive vibe it gives? What else can you use from around the house that you can combine with new key pieces? My sister @mommymaricel who shares a room with my 8-year old niece Solana asked our help recently to give my niece her own space. I’m sure everyone is thrilled with that idea!

This was how the area given to us looked like before. It was an extra room in the house with of course, extra stuff. I asked everybody to tell me what the treasured pieces were and to look around for available materials such as cushions, racks, books and art that would make the space cozier and more familiar.

The room is a 20 sqm room which we redecorated to function in line with her key activities of rest, play and reading. Solana also loves pink, so we built on that with our new colorways of cream, pale pink and sage. She enjoys little tea parties so we created a little tea party area with our Dreamy Canopy & Pom Garland Set in Pale Rose along with our new Butterfly Chair, Clip Stool and Table in White atop her cozy white faux fur rug. We brought out her tiny ceramic teacups and invited Ms. Unicorn, Senor Stag and Quinn Dreamy Princess Doll to our tea party setting. This space will also function nicely as her study and art area.

This little girl loves her teddies and we wanted to keep those with her on the bed along with cushions. We grabbed available cushions in the house and refreshed them with new pink and sage cushion covers, our Star pillow and a throw, We livened up the wall with the Flower Box wall decals of Blond Noir.

In front of Solana’s bed is a wall that we brought to life with her Mom’s framed print that gave a perfect happy vibe to the room along with her easel and own art. We were also glad to find a bamboo rack which we used for Solana’s favorite books. We hung some Mini-Pom-pom Garlands on the rack for a fun, festive feel.

I hope you enjoyed this Magical Room Makeover with us and for those who wish to know more, I’ve included links below to the products we used in this room makeover.

Thank you and Be Inspired!


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I am the Founder & Designer of Spinkie. I am also a Wife to Jinggoy who is a Visual Artist and Sculptor and a Mum to two wonderful children Mayumi and Malaya who are my inspiration and collaborators for Spinkie. I hope that through this blog we are able to inspire you to create your own magical spaces from all the room styling ideas from us and fellow Mums in the community.