An Indoor Picnic

This unique time we are in brings a gift. The gift of quality time with our children as we stay safe at home. However, this also brings some challenges and all the Mums out there know what I mean. We need a whole arsenal of activities and new ideas for the kids. During school days, the agenda is pretty much defined as children are home-schooled or as they do online distance learning but with summer coming up, we see ourselves digging into our hat of tricks once again.

This summer, let’s challenge our creativity not only on activities but on our spaces as well. I believe that it’s good to introduce change from time to time by refreshing our spaces in line with themes and activities in order to inspire, excite, and create more bonding moments with family.

We have been missing our outdoor activities a little more than usual, but nowadays there is no limit to what you can do indoors. This week, we were inspired to create an Indoor Picnic set up for you featuring our delightfully refreshing Botanical Garden Canopy in Morning Dew and an option in Baby’s Breath.

We also included our Sheer Teepee in Nude along with our furniture – The Butterfly Chair, Clip Stool and Clip Table. These key elements give an immediate feeling of the outdoors, especially with floral and butterfly decals on the walls.

Within the set up, we arranged everything to create little spaces that are versatile and can accommodate different activities including imaginative play, reading, rest, and having an actual picnic!

We intentionally set the table with real plates and utensils so the children can enjoy little meals here with some of their floppy friends like our Cafe Delice collection of soft toys Lady Doe, Puppy Jr., Ms. Unicorn, and Senor Stag. Placing our Mini Pom Garlands in a small vase adds a whimsical touch in the absence of real flowers. They can also opt to sit on the floor comfortably by using our Charmeuse Silk Star Pillows as cushions.

The possibilities you can do with your creativity are endless! Enjoy recreating your activity spaces and savor these special moments with family.

Be Inspired,

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I am the Founder & Designer of Spinkie. I am also a Wife to Jinggoy who is a Visual Artist and Sculptor and a Mum to two wonderful children Mayumi and Malaya who are my inspiration and collaborators for Spinkie. I hope that through this blog we are able to inspire you to create your own magical spaces from all the room styling ideas from us and fellow Mums in the community.