Gender-Neutral Shared Space

Siblings sharing a space is not only practical but quite fun to do. We wrote about the wonderful benefits and lessons children can learn while growing up in a Shared Space, which you can read in this blog post

This week, we wanted to create the perfect shared room for little children of any gender.

With the right colorways and elements, a shared space can totally look cohesive yet allow for the specific needs of each child. For this room we chose to stick to gender-neutral, calming hues of grey and nude.

Create a lovely corner for your baby by installing our Sheer Canopy in Mist over the crib. You can also decorate with a few cushions and a floppy toy like our Bitbit the Rabbit soft toy that’s safe for biting and pulling. What’s great is that these accent pieces can all be easily kept away when your baby is asleep.

For your toddler, create a cozy sleep and play area with our Sheer Teepee in Nude and an existing mattress you may have at home. Layer the mattress with your little one’s favorite soft toys, blanket, and cushions like our Charmeuse Silk Star Pillows in Pale Gold, Silver, and Oyster. Sleeping close to the ground is not only relaxing but safe for a toddler.

We chose adorable giraffe and eucalyptus wall decals from Ginger Monkey and animal spots wall decals from Blond Noir. These go well with our chosen color palette and are fun yet subtle for this special shared space.

We hope this encourages you to create your own Shared Spaces for your kids at home!

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I am the Founder & Designer of Spinkie. I am also a Wife to Jinggoy who is a Visual Artist and Sculptor and a Mum to two wonderful children Mayumi and Malaya who are my inspiration and collaborators for Spinkie. I hope that through this blog we are able to inspire you to create your own magical spaces from all the room styling ideas from us and fellow Mums in the community.