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A Gift Guide for Every Little One

Over the years, gift registries have always been helpful in selecting the perfect gift a recipient will surely love. Although, when it comes to gifting children, there’s something extra special about going through the process of hand-picking a gift that considers the personality of your child, your niece, your nephew or your god-child.

Every holiday season, we at Spinkie look forward to assisting you with our carefully curated Gift Guides. Throughout the next few weeks, we will be releasing new and exciting selections to help you choose the perfect gifts for your loved ones! This week, we’ve put together several guides according to personalities. We noticed that one thing parents often think about when it comes to narrowing down their options is related to what their children’s current interests are like.

1. Bitbit the Rabbit in Ivory Minky 2. Mochi Blankie in Cream 3. Dreamy Canopy + 1 Pom Garland Set in White 4. Charmeuse Star Pillow in Oyster 5. Botanical Garden Canopy in Baby’s Breath 6. Butterfly Pillow in Grey Dots 7. Pom Bouquet Garland in Champagne & White 8. Puppy Jr. 9. Sheer Canopy in Cloud + Star Garland Set

Newborns are a gift to us! Make a lovely calming setting as you welcome them into your families over the holidays with hues of greys and whites. Hang up a Dreamy Canopy in White, Botanical Garden Canopy in Baby’s Breath or Sheer Canopy in Cloud for their first Magical Space. Our Butterfly Pillow serves as the perfect support for their little fragile head and neck. Wrap them up in a Mochi Blankie in Cream as they cuddle with Bitbit the Rabbit in Ivory Minky and Mr.Puppy. Add a Pom Bouquet Garland in Champagne & White to change it up every now and then.

1. Charmeuse Star Pillow in Hushed Violet 2. Dreamy Princess Doll Quinn 3. Princess Canopy in Grey 4. Dreamy Chandelier in Light Pink – Large Size 5. Swan Princess in White 6. Large Sparkle Pom in Light Pink 7. Unicorn Princess in Grey 8. Princess Canopy in Rose 9. Bunny Princess in Oyster

Make your little princess’ fantasy come by placing our Princess Canopies in Grey or Rose over her bed, and hanging up our Dreamy Chandeliers in Light Pink to recreate the sense of a royal setting. She can enjoy her dress up and tea parties with Dreamy Princess Doll Quinn, Bunny Princess in Oyster and Unicorn Princess. Large Sparkle Poms in Light Pink, Charmeuse Silk Star Pillows in Hushed Violet and Swan Princess in White can also add those extra magical touches.

1. Clip Stool 2. Sheer Canopy in Nude 3. Charmeuse Star Pillow in Rose Gold 4. Sam Sloth 5. Mochi Blankie in Glacier Grey 6. Patchi Dog 7. Charmeuse Star Pillow in Teal 8. Sheer Canopy in Mustard Yellow 9. Sheer Teepee in Minty Blue

Bring in the sunshine with our Sheer Canopies in Mustard Yellow and Nude, and create an indoor campsite with our Sheer Teepee in Minty Blue and Clip Stool. Our Charmeuse Silk Star Pillows in Teal and Rose Gold plus a Mochi Blankie in Glacier Grey will make it extra cozy at night for our little adventurous souls. These uplifting colors capture the sunshine while encouraging the spirit of nature and wildlife. Indoor adventures are even more enjoyable with our Wild at Heart friends, Sam Sloth and Patchi Dog.

1. Dreamy Canopy + 1 Pom Garland Set in Light Pink 2. Charmeuse Star Pillow in Light Pink 3. Unicorn Bust 4. Odette Ballerina Bunny in Champagne 5. Swan Princess in Light Pink 6. Dreamy Chandelier in Champagne – Standard Size 7. Princess Sparkles 8. Dreamy Princess Doll Ava 9. Sheer Canopy in Ballerina

Recreate an a la Swan Lake set up for your little ballerinas with our delightful selection of pink hues. Choose our Dreamy Canopy + Pom Garland Set in Light Pink or Sheer Canopy in Ballerina start your Magical Space. A Dreamy Chandelier in Champagne, Charmeuse Silk Star Pillow in Light Pink and Unicorn Bust are the perfect decor to add some glamour. She’ll love to perform alongside Princess Sparkles, Dreamy Princess Doll Ava, Odette Ballerina Bunny in Champagne and of course–Swan Princess in Light Pink.

1. Dreamy Canopy + 1 Pom Garland Set in Light Grey 2. Lala Llama in Beige 3. Charmeuse Star Pillow in Silver 4. Large Sparkle Pom in Champagne 5. Dreamy Fort in Morning Dew 6. Dreamy Canopy + 3 Pom Garlands Set in Champagne 7. Lily Lashful Fox 8. Butterfly Chair 9. Dreamy Doll Tala

Create the perfect setting for sweet dreams and tranquility with a Dreamy Canopy + Pom Garland set in Light Grey or Champagne, or even make a floor setting more enjoyable with a Dreamy Fort in Morning Dew and Charmeuse Silk Star Pillows in Silver. Add some Large Sparkle Poms in Champagne, and let your little ones cozy it up with Lala Llama in Beige and Lily Lashful Fox, while Dreamy Doll Tala watches over them and sits on our Butterfly Chair.

We hope this inspires your gift giving this year! Stay tuned for more!

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I am the Founder & Designer of Spinkie. I am also a Wife to Jinggoy who is a Visual Artist and Sculptor and a Mum to two wonderful children Mayumi and Malaya who are my inspiration and collaborators for Spinkie. I hope that through this blog we are able to inspire you to create your own magical spaces from all the room styling ideas from us and fellow Mums in the community.