@thehstyled’s Magical Christmas Corners

Creating Magical Spaces in your home for the children is even more exciting during the holidays. As a product stylist herself, our dear friend Brooke Hearne of @thehstyled loves to refresh her spaces quite often, most especially during this season. We asked her to share with us how she decorates for Christmas in her modern boho home, and how she brings the magic into her children’s spaces as well.

Whenever Brooke refreshes her spaces, she always keeps the base of each room the same and make impactful changes like furniture placement with smaller product additions to create the illusion of full room makeovers. She usually starts by creating a mood board, putting products she’d like to use together so she can get a visual before bringing the space to life.

“Holiday decorations to me, should bring you joy and happiness when you look at them,” shares Brooke. This year, she was drawn to pretty florals and all things “whimsical” so with that in mind she slowly accumulated decor pieces that she felt spoke to this theme.

When it comes to decorating special spaces for the kids, “I always start with a statement piece. Something that’s going to be my wow factor and I’ll build the rest of the decor around. I always refer back to this piece when selecting items, making sure I let the statement piece shine.”

For her daughter Lexy’s Christmas inspired room, Brooke chose our Spinkie Dreamy Canopy in White as her statement piece. “We live in Australia and have never experienced a ‘ White Christmas’ and it’s always been on the bucket list. The white canopy with the cascading poms gives us all the snowy vibes and makes us feel like we’ve stepped into a classic Christmas movie which is the feeling I wanted to create for Lexy within this space”. Brooke also shares that the great thing about a classic white tone is that is very versatile, so once the holiday season is over she will be able to easily adapt it to the next special setting she creates.

During the holidays, Brooke emphasizes that it’s all about the magic! “Children are drawn to Christmas because of the magic it brings with it, the most important thing to remember is that children find the magic in everything so try to see things from their point of view. Add a touch of sparkle to that gorgeous canopy and you’ll have created so much more you realise.”

Here are some of her quick ideas on how to bring that magic to life:

1. Add some twinkle lights around the room. Entwine them within the bedhead or around the top of your canopy.
2. Add a very small Christmas tree to the top of their drawers (or side table) and let your child have full creative direction over the decorations.
3. Seasonal books can be added to create a nice display and ignite those imaginations

We hope you enjoy setting up your Christmas settings!

Happy Holidays!

Be Inspired,

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