Give A Gift of Love

All throughout February, we celebrate love. What better way to express our love to our children by meeting them where they respond to love the most. Gary Chapman in his book the 5 love languages of children talks about the different ways children respond to people depending on their love language. Parents show love according to their own love language and children receive it differently depending on how they are wired.
The five languages are touch, words, gifts, time, and acts of service.

Our children’s havens which are confined to their own spaces in the home have become their refuge in the storm we all are facing. One wonderful way to allow our children to rediscover a new perspective in life especially during trying times would be to create a space where they can be set free from the troubles all of us are facing. Setting aside the time and effort to refresh their spaces are acts of love we can do as mums to show our children how much we care for them.

This week, we created bedroom inspirations featuring our Dreamy Canopy in three different shades of pink to inspire your Magical Space’s fresh new look. The color palette we chose evokes a sign of hope, with warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay. It can brighten up spaces while calming emotions.

In this first look, we hung up our Dreamy Canopy in Light Pink over a white cloud bed. To make it extra cozy, we mixed some throw pillows with our Charmeuse Star Pillows in Oyster, Hushed Violet, Rose Gold & Light Pink. Our Swan Princesses in Champagne & Light Pink are lovely to cuddle at night too.

For a subtler look, we changed it up by using our Dreamy Canopy in Pale Rose. Our Bunny Princess Dolls are great love gift ideas for your little princesses!

Our Dreamy Canopy in Blush can brighten up a room if you would like to create that mood with a pop of color. Your little ones will also love sharing their bedtime adventures with our Dreamy Princess Dolls and Lala Llamas.

One more thing you can do to dress up your space is to add some lovely wall decals. This room features the lovely gum tree wall decals from Ginger Monkey. We hope this inspires your gifts of love this month!

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I am the Founder & Designer of Spinkie. I am also a Wife to Jinggoy who is a Visual Artist and Sculptor and a Mum to two wonderful children Mayumi and Malaya who are my inspiration and collaborators for Spinkie. I hope that through this blog we are able to inspire you to create your own magical spaces from all the room styling ideas from us and fellow Mums in the community.