A Celebration of Women & Their Inspired Spaces

International Women’s Month
is when we celebrate the countless women making an impact in their communities, their nation, and the world. This month we want to celebrate you–the women who connect with us, support us and inspire us. We wouldn’t be the community we are today without all of you, the “magic” behind the “Magical Spaces” which truly are an inspiration to mums from all over the globe.

Magical Spaces are a reflection of stories, personalities, lifestyles, and creative ideas. All these are woven together through a labour of love from mums like you. We admire the life that you put into your spaces that uplift and nurture your little ones.

This week, we were grateful to have a few mums from our community share a little bit about the stories behind their spaces.


Leslie Biggley‘s advice for anyone wanting to decorate their daughter’s room is to not wait till you have the perfect design all figured out because it can be really overwhelming to think through it all at once. She recommends to start with a few key pieces that really spark joy, and then build the rest of the room around them.

“I fell in love with Spinkie’s Dreamy Canopy in Champagne colour because it felt like such a beautiful shade to mix with gold and Juliette loves gold! I chose the Dreamy Chandelier because the moment I laid eyes on all those chunky pom-poms I knew it would be everything in her room! After hanging the canopy and chandelier, I added gold star decals to complete the magical and whimsical vibe I was going for. When everything was done, Juliette loved it! She recently told me that she loves it even more than her old room and that it’s a ‘dream bedroom’, which made me so happy to know she finally feels at home in our new place.”


Rebecca Smolaga‘s lovely reading nook is perfect for making little ones feel like they are part of the fairy tales they are reading. “I find my adult self creating magical, dreamy spaces for my children that I would have only dreamt about as a child”, shares Becca.

To make this childhood dream of hers come to life for her little one, she hung up our Dreamy Canopy in Champagne over an area rug to section the space. She made it extra cozy for her daughter by adding cushions and Swan Princess in Light Pink.


When Paola Pappas designed her nursery, she wanted it to be as magical, and delicate as possible. “I was able to bring in ambience to this room by incorporating soft shades of Pink, and lots of neutral accents. The floral wallpaper is the focal point of the room, and the Dreamy Canopy by Spinkie compliments this design to perfection.”

Paola encourages mums to trust their creativity when designing a space, and let it tell a story. “Nothing will be more impactful than the emotions a room makes you feel. This baby nursery irradiates happiness, tranquility and magic”, she shares.


For Paula Silvagni‘s daughter Daniela, she wanted to create a Magical space where her little woman could feel like she was in a fairy tale. She chose a grey, white and taupe color palette, and wanted to add some pops of sweet colors as accents.

“The touch of pink and mauve shades of the Dreamy Canopy and the Star Pillows were absolutely perfect. The tulle Pom Garlands as well as the Swan Princesses gave the room that magical accent I was looking for.” Paula also added the silver star garland and some fairy lights to the canopy to create a starry night effect. “I will never forget the first time she saw the room”, Paula shares, especially when she sees Daniela spend so much of her time there.


Candice Paterra‘s love for pink and white certainly took on a whole new level when she put together her daughter Lexi’s bedroom. “Being very girly myself and hoping she would be the same, I wanted to create a pretty space for her, sweet & magical that everywhere she looked it would bring happiness and joy.”

While the space has evolved throughout the last four years, Candice shares that her Princess Canopy finishes off the room and loves to change them up through the seasons. In the winter, she uses the Oyster canopy to bring some mood and warmth, and in the summer months she uses the Pink to brighten it all up.

“Home is where the heart is and creating a room filled with love and joy will help your child feel safe and loved, knowing no matter what happens in the world they can always come back home to their dream space.”

We hope these encourage you and ignite magic that can be unleashed through you, too!

Be Inspired,

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I am the Founder & Designer of Spinkie. I am also a Wife to Jinggoy who is a Visual Artist and Sculptor and a Mum to two wonderful children Mayumi and Malaya who are my inspiration and collaborators for Spinkie. I hope that through this blog we are able to inspire you to create your own magical spaces from all the room styling ideas from us and fellow Mums in the community.