A Guide to Creating Magical Spaces

Decorating your child’s space for the first time on your own is exciting and yet, can also be overwhelming especially when you have so many important things on your mind and many sources of inspiration. This week, we put together A Guide to Creating Magical Spaces that you may have been longing to do! Let’s put these principles into practice and get started.

Before anything else, one key step in starting this process is to start with a clean slate. Look at your intended space as a blank canvas, remove any bias and you are ready to begin.

1. Identify the objective of this space. It is important to establish this as it will dictate the key features/sections of the room. Questions to help you frame this would be: What will it be used for? What key activities will happen in this room?

One of the most basic room projects Mums frequently come to us for is a little girl’s room. Here, we wanted to create a space that can accommodate multiple activities such as sleeping, playing, and learning.

2. Select a theme. This is a key consideration, especially for children’s spaces. Is there a theme you would like to bring to life in this space, perhaps motifs that echo and manifest your child’s personality? This is your chance to make those dreams come true! Tip: Create a mood board with your inspirations and ideas to help you set the direction.

My Little Princess in The Garden. The little girl whose personality inspired this space loves to feel like she is part of a fairy tale, and enjoys a sense of the outdoors too so we made sure to select a theme that captures the essence of what we wanted to achieve.

3. Create a color palette. Which colors make your heart beat faster? Identify 1-2 of these and establish them as your base colors. To add some dimension, determine 2-3 colors that complement your base and serve as your accent colors. These will come alive on your walls, beddings, and floor to make the look cohesive.

As you create your palette, take some time to review your options before your purchase new products or make any drastic changes. Looking through fabric, material, and paint swatches can help you assess if you are making the right choices that follow your colorways.

4. Determine your key pieces. This will help you sort out what needs to stay, and what needs to be purchased. These are the large items you will be working around, such as a cot or bed, being the primary consideration along with a few other pieces of furniture.

The key pieces for this little girl’s room include her bed and our Butterfly Chair and Clip Table that can be used for studying and playing.

5. Add some accents. Build around your key piece/s with accents that could elevate the space in consideration of the theme, colorways, and key functionalities of the room. Some examples of these include draperies like a canopy, cushions, rugs, toys, and books. These elements make a room more personal and unique. Finishing touches complete the whole look.

In this bedroom, we chose to hang up a Dreamy Canopy in Light Pink. To emphasize the theme for this space, we added floral decals on the wall for that princess garden look. For an extra cozy feel, we added our Charmeuse Star Pillows and our Dreamy Bow Cushion in Light Pink. To finish off with a magical touch, we placed our Swan Princesses in Pink and White, which are lovely keepsake toys for any little princess.

Tip: You can opt to move things around if you would like depending on how you prefer to section the room. You can use a canopy to create a reading nook or you can have it draped over the bed.

Another popular room setting that Mums love to request from us is a baby girl’s nursery. We can surely apply the same principles in this space, too! The purpose of this room is to provide a calming area for sleep and care for a newborn baby girl. When she grows up, you can eventually create little sections for learning and play.

We were inspired by this gorgeous natural ensemble of protea and bottlebrush as seen in Gingermonkey’s wall murals and a comforting combination of pink and sage supported by white and nudes. The walls are truly a defining element in this space.

The key piece for this space is definitely the newborn’s crib. You can also add a comfortable armchair, not only for breastfeeding, but for reading books to your baby. You can add a little library for your treasured books as well.

Dreamy Canopies can instantly change the mood of the room. You can switch between several canopies throughout the year depending on the season for a different feel, just like we did with our White and Pale Rose canopies for this nursery. We love to accessorize them with Mini Pom Garlands. We also added a few Charmeuse Star Pillows in complementary colors and baby-friendly soft toys to cuddle such as Lady Doe, Ms. Unicorn, and Lala Llamas in White & Beige.

We hope these inspire you as you create your own Magical Spaces this season!

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I am the Founder & Designer of Spinkie. I am also a Wife to Jinggoy who is a Visual Artist and Sculptor and a Mum to two wonderful children Mayumi and Malaya who are my inspiration and collaborators for Spinkie. I hope that through this blog we are able to inspire you to create your own magical spaces from all the room styling ideas from us and fellow Mums in the community.