Elsa Doll


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An Elsa-inspired doll to sing and twirl with your little queen as she rules her magical ice kingdom! She comes in a gorgeous, mini, removable Elsa Tutu Dress, a shiny silver crown and textured Satin pointe shoes with dainty ribbon details. Hand-crafted with love and made with the softest Cotton Stretch Jersey skin and Velvet Chenille Yarn hair in Platinum Blonde! Complete the enchanting Elsa line with our dazzling Elsa Tutu Dress and a magical Elsa Wand!

Key Features

-Silver, Vegan Leather crown
-Soft, Velvet Chenille Hair in Platinum Blonde
-Cotton Stretch body with soft fiber fill
-Removable mini Elsa Dress
-Vegan textured Satin pointe shoes with dainty ribbon details
-Hand-crafted and made to match our Elsa Tutu Dress
-Doll is 12″ tall


Cotton Stretch Jersey
Vegan Soft Tulle
Vegan Textured Satin

Care Instructions

Spot clean only